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Humanitarian Aid - Humanitarian Purposes Outside Denmark

Grant capital
DKK 10 million


Application form opens
November 7, 2018


Application deadline
February 1, 2019, 14:00


Results announced
April 2018

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The Novo Nordisk Foundation supports global humanitarian aid in connection with crisis situations following man-made and natural disasters with particular focus on the most vulnerable people.

The Novo Nordisk Foundation’s development aid outside Denmark focuses on supporting education, capacity building, employability activities and health promotion to improve the lives and prospects of vulnerable children and youth.


However, for the proposals submitted in the ‘Humanitarian Aid Q1 2019’ application round, the Foundation will accept applications with a broader scope than the purposes described above.



Organisations and institutions with offices located in Denmark may apply for grants for emergency humanitarian aid.


The Novo Nordisk Foundation will only accept applications from organisations and institutions that are recognised as relevant humanitarian actors and whose annual narrative reports and annual audited financial reports are publicly available.


The Foundation also expects applicant organisations and institutions to have implemented a code of conduct by which they are guided and with which they comply in accordance with ethical and humanitarian guidelines and standards, including the Core Humanitarian Standard on Quality and Accountability (CHS).



The Novo Nordisk Foundation defines an acute humanitarian crisis as a situation in which a society has been completely or partly destroyed as a result of, for example, armed conflict or natural disasters, thereby creating a condition of instability and severe humanitarian concern. A situation that may be alleviated by the international community in the form of organisations under the United Nations, international and national civil society organisations, and local actors.


Humanitarian crises can be acute or protracted, and long-term crises may comprise several acute crises and emergency situations.

The Novo Nordisk Foundation will rely on information from multiple international organisations when assessing whether an application should be considered relevant in this category.



Each application can request funding up to DKK 750,000.

The project can be an independent, delimited project or part of a larger project that receives support from other sources.


If the applicant has applied for or been awarded co-funding from another source, the applicant must always state this in the budget.



Applications must be submitted in English.



Applications must be submitted using the Novo Nordisk Foundation’s online application system NORMA. Applications must include a brief summary of the project together with a detailed project description of up to 20,000 characters and a budget for the project.

Please limit the number of appendixes to an absolute minimum.


Applicants are requested to read the application guidelines, ”Information and Guidelines for Applicants”, thoroughly before initiating the application process.

Please note that only organisational applicants are eligible for this call, which is of particular importance when creating a profile in the online application system NORMA.    


If you experience technical issues, please contact our support team at



Anders Bager

Project Officer

Tlf.: +45 2523 1526