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Projektstøtte til Bioteknologibaseret syntese- og produktionsforskning

Ansøgningssystem åbner
18. maj 2018


21. juni 2018


Oktober 2018



Komite for Forskning i Bioteknologibaseret Syntese og Produktion

Henrik Callesen, Vincent G. H. Eijsink, Merja Elisa Penttilä, Jan K. Schjørring, Steve Oliver, Sara Linse, David Spring

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Nordic Region




Applications are invited for project grants within biotechnology-based synthesis and production research. These grants support fundamental and applied research projects aimed at generating products in improved and more sustainable ways. Projects must involve a clear element of biotechnology, and may in addition utilize any other scientific and engineering discipline relevant to achieve the objectives. Projects should include one or more of the following topics:


  • Use or engineering of biological tools and systems for synthesis and production of valuable products (for example, chemicals, fuels, bioactive compounds, proteins, materials as well as fibre, food and feed products).
  • Development of technologies and processes that can directly support biotechnology-based synthesis and production.
  • Improvement of the production potential of microorganisms, plants, animals, or enzymes.
  • Biotechnology to improve raw material utilization, reduce energy consumption and/or decrease waste generation.


Projects must contain a laboratory component and show a clear and plausible path from the proposed research to applications in the area of biotechnology-based synthesis and production.




Faculty members and researchers with an independent research program at a university or other non-profit research institution in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway or Sweden are eligible to apply for these project grants.




Grants can support research activities at a level of DKK 300.000-1 million per year for 1 to 3 years. For projects having a main applicant and a co-applicant located in different Nordic countries, the maximum amount that may be applied for is DKK 1.2 million per year. Grant funding is available for:

  • Direct project costs and operating expenses.
  • Smaller scientific equipment.
  • Salary for scientific researchers, technical assistants and PhD students, although not for the main applicant or co-applicants.
  • Costs to publish the results of the project and to present them at an international conference.
  • Administrative support for administration of the grant (up to 5% of, and included in, the funding applied for from the NNF). Funding from the grant may not be used for general overhead costs.


Grants may fund an entire project or a clearly defined part of a major project (in the latter case, a summary of the major project must be included).




Applications must be completed and submitted using the internet-based system following the instructions in the “Information and guidelines for applicants” pdf, found at the link below. Additional essential information regarding eligibility, funding and the application process is found in this pdf.



John Peter Wittschieben

Senior Scientific Officer

Tlf.: +45 3527 6613