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January 2018

Prize recipient has warmed Danish hearts for decades

Two outstanding scientists recruited to Denmark

Novo Nordisk Foundation awards Challenge Programme grants...

Novo Nordisk Foundation awards DKK 156 million to the...

DKK 45 million awarded for projects expanding our...

December 2017

Big Bang conference inspires science teachers

Young teachers mentor young students in science at...

Novo Nordisk Foundation supports displaced Rohingyas

Novo Nordisk Foundation participating in a new knowledge...

Novo Nordisk Foundation establishes five science prizes...

New initiative will promote many more start-ups in the...

Novo Nordisk Foundation awards DKK 77.7 million in grants...

57 researchers awarded grants within bioscience and basic...

Novo Nordisk Foundation awards DKK 795 million to...

Novo Nordisk Foundation awards DKK 60 million to...

Novo Nordisk Foundation contributes to improving the well...

37 researchers awarded project grants within clinical and...

13 students awarded pre-graduate scholarships

10 researchers awarded grants within Clinical Nursing...

November 2017

Steno Collaborative Grants awarded for the first time

New research programme will contribute to improving the...

Novo Nordisk Foundation awards DKK 25 million for two...

School on impact of research closes final chapter

October 2017

Novo Nordisk Foundation supports new fund focusing on...

Novo Nordisk Foundation supports conference on health...

Novo Nordisk Foundation partners in a new campaign for...

Novo Nordisk Foundation establishes visiting...

Families and researchers working together to prevent type...

Novo Nordisk Foundation supports World Robot Olympiad in...

DKK 600 million programme for excellent research leaders...

September 2017

2017 winner of diabetes prize celebrated in Lisbon

Adipose tissue researcher receives prestigious

Novo Nordisk Foundation awards DKK 2.8 billion to...

Lars Munch joins the Board of Directors of the Novo...

August 2017

Novo Nordisk Foundation awards a grant for developing...

Street sports project aims to prevent obesity and...

New grant for cutting-edge clinical research to help...

The father of the microbiome receives the 2017 Jacobæus...

July 2017

Novo Nordisk Foundation awards grant for Science Camps

June 2017

Three projects will provide knowledge on the impact of...

Novo Nordisk Foundation supports clinical research that...

May 2017

The Novo Nordisk Foundation Awards Grants worth DKK 100...

Substantial grants for innovative art historians

School scholarships to attract more international...

Taking the next step in science

Nine researchers can now officially call themselves Mads...

Prize recipient decodes life’s user manual

Novo Nordisk Foundation supports a project on children’s...

Teachers receive Upper-secondary Schoolteachers Prize

April 2017

Biodegradable bullets and a murder mystery lead to the...

Schoolteachers receive Science Teacher Prize

Two talented researchers each receive DKK 11 million for...

Science Teacher Prize awarded to innovative teachers in...

2017 art research scholarships and project grants awarded

March 2017

Researcher who has prevented the spread of AIDS receives...

Novo Nordisk Foundation gave DKK 4.2 billion in 2016....

Novo Nordisk and Novozymes Prizes awarded

Novo Nordisk Foundation approves a vision statement for...

Novo Nordisk Foundation announces changes to the Board

Novo Nordisk Foundation supports a new transformative...

February 2017

Novozymes Prize won by researchers behind tools for...

Professor Poul Nissen receives the 2017 Novo Nordisk Prize

Twice as many young men as young women die from heart...

Mom’s sugar intake can make her children fat

January 2017

New fermentation plant will accelerate the sustainable...

New super-microscope at the University of Copenhagen

Siding with the disadvantaged

Analysing wastewater from 100 countries to reduce...

New call for the Novo Nordisk Foundation’s social science...

Danish Sports Prize awarded to football research project

Leading-edge protein researcher moving to Denmark

Six organizations awarded grants for disaster relief and...

New way of treating deadly teenage cancer

Exhibition will demonstrate how sugar affects health and...

Molecular cause of type 2 diabetes can also cause...

Women can write themselves out of a fertility crisis

Networking at beautiful Favrholm

December 2016

Researchers strive to reduce the excess mortality of...

The same genes determine fitness and fatness

Adults with Down’s syndrome rarely develop cancer

Winning project for Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen...

Antibodies for treating Parkinson’s on the way

Giving people with cancer more choice can improve quality...

DKK 360 million allocated for the Challenge Programme...

Nominate a teacher for the Novo Nordisk Foundation Prize...

The Novo Nordisk Foundation supports Cirkus Naturligvis

New cell research aims to reduce medicine prices

Antibiotic resistance may develop in the sea

Life and death struggle in dreamland

Splicing ourselves to a longer life

November 2016

Micromolecules undermine the battle against cancer

Thinking less green

Grant aims to strengthen Denmark’s position in developing...

Prince Joachim of Denmark officially opens research...

Milestone enables medicine to be produced in plants

Danish researchers discover why brain cancer is so...

Lack of sleep and exercise may give you a high like cannabis

October 2016

More women than expected are genetically men

Hope for people with a genetic disorder

Unravelling the big picture in smaller groups

Solving a mystery in the brain’s plumbing system

The Novo Nordisk Foundation more than doubles grants for...

More researchers will be receiving a Mads Øvlisen art...

New research leader programme in art history research

Overeating changes our DNA

September 2016

The Novo Nordisk Foundation supports Danish robot olympiad

Three projects aim to create more knowledge on the...

Young children suffer as a result of excessive packaging

Grant awarded to help socially disadvantaged...

What will science communication look like in the future?

Computer tools to accelerate the transition towards a...

Diabetes prize winner celebrated in Munich

Sterile men with bone-like testicles

In pursuit of lost beta cells

The Board of the Novo Nordisk Foundation has approved the...

Andrew Hattersley awarded prestigious diabetes prize for...

Ill people have to overcome their good health

Lars Rebien Sørensen nominated to the Boards of Directors...

August 2016

Novo Nordisk Foundation hires former special adviser

June 2016

New publication on the Foundation’s impact on public...

“Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen is a major milestone”

May 2016

The Novo Nordisk Foundation gives DKK 2.945 billion to...

Genetics researcher receives the 2016 Jacobæus Prize

The Novo Nordisk Foundation awards DKK 85 million to new...

Five talented art researchers celebrated with diplomas...

April 2016

The Novo Nordisk Foundation awards a grant to the Danish...

Novo Nordisk Foundation awards Prize for Upper-secondary...

New fellowship recipients of 2016 celebrated

Teachers developing a mini-planetarium and school gardens...

Certificates awarded to recipients of scholarships on...

Juleen Zierath receives a prize for mapping how sugar...

Danish minister: more knowledge is required on the impact...

New research programme will provide more knowledge on the...

New report: Investing in research makes sound economic...

Art Research scholarships and project grants 2016 awarded

Traditionsrig prisforelæsning på ungdommeligt fakultet

March 2016

Novo Nordisk Foundation doubles its funding for research...

Celebrating the recipients of the Novo Nordisk Prize and...

Winner of 2016 Novozymes Prize gave celebratory lecture...

Mentoring network aims to help start-ups succeed

Professor of respiratory medicine receives the Hagedorn...

Application round for Exploratory Pre-Seed Grants is now...

February 2016

The application round for Pre-Graduate Scholarships is...

Cardiologist receives the Novo Nordisk Prize

Cell factory pioneer awarded the Novozymes Prize

January 2016

Pioneering neuroscientist awarded Novo Nordisk...

New nursing research programme established

DKK 60 million awarded for four interdisciplinary...

Contrarian awarded the 2016 Marie and August Krogh Prize

The Novo Nordisk Foundation appoints new head of...

DKK 120 million for research on the role of the gut...

Application round opens for Novo Nordisk Foundation Symposia

Grants to encourage young people’s interest in science

PULSE-project selected as promising practice by the EU

New research programme within general practice and family...

New member of the Board of the Novo Nordisk Foundation

December 2015

New grant type brings two talented researchers to Denmark

Grants for pre-graduate scholarships for autumn 2015

Grants for clinical and basic biomedical research for 2015

The Novo Nordisk Foundation increases grant funding for...

Investigators collaborate on solving global health problem

Senior editor: Contact is king

Grants for nursing research for 2015 have been awarded

Challenge Programme 2016 now receiving applications

Interdisciplinary Synergy Programme opens application round

Application round opens for Visiting Scholar Fellowships...

Committee on General Practice and Family Medicine...

Nominate a teacher for the Novo Nordisk Foundation...

November 2015

Grant recipient wants to understand the stressed beta cells

The Novo Nordisk Foundation awards DKK 235 million for...

“The scientific level in the poster room was very high”

New PhD programme aims to attract talented students from...

October 2015

New Chair of Committees on Art History Research and Mads...

September 2015

Prize winner has unraveled the mysteries of the cytoskeleton

Novo Nordisk Foundation to manage Steno grants in a new...

Jannik Hilsted appointed as Chief Medical Officer and...

Video: Meet three Laureate Research Grant recipients

Winner of new diabetes prize celebrated in Stockholm

Novo Nordisk Foundation awards grant for refugee relief

DKK 2.8 billion for new diabetes centre in Copenhagen

Between life and death

August 2015

Top scientist awarded DKK 60 million for new research...

Henrik Semb: Community is the key to success

Application round open for nursing research grants

July 2015

First recipient of new diabetes prize selected

June 2015

New Head of Open Competition Grants appointed

Conference like a “knowledge brainstorm”

May 2015

Jack Pronk: Getting the balance right

CBC 7 - Conference feedback

Nominate your candidate for the Novozymes Prize 2016

Open symposium on scientific creativity

Prize for Upper-secondary Schoolteachers 2015 awarded

Exploring the frontiers

Interdisciplinary focus on patients

Young scientist measures the insulating properties of...

Battling bacteria's secret weapon

April 2015

The Novo Nordisk Foundation awards fellowships to 18...

Torben Hansen to give the 2015 Novo Nordisk Foundation...

The Novo Nordisk Foundation awards five art research...

March 2015

Winners of the Novo Nordisk Prize and the Novozymes Prize...

New Science Teacher Prize

Oluf Borbye Pedersen awarded the Hagedorn Prize

Grant awarded to the biology olympiad in Denmark 2015

February 2015

Engineered yeast yields sustainable plastic substitute

The Novo Nordisk Prize awarded to Jens Bukh

Two top metabolism researchers moving to Denmark

January 2015

Pioneer from France receives the Novozymes Prize

Novo Nordisk Foundation increases support of Young...

Professor Niels H. Secher receives the Marie and August...

Increased and extended funding for the Novo Nordisk...

DKK 60 million for innovative interdisciplinary research

New Chair of the Committee on General Practice and Family...

December 2014

DKK 240 million for diabetes and obesity research

Support for projects on talent and transition

New Natural History Museum to open in 2020

Two new Calls for Applications

Meet a grant recipient: Yihai Cao

November 2014

British professor wins the Jacobæus Prize 2014

October 2014

New European research prize: the Novozymes Prize

New program aims to improve medical database research

September 2014

Application system closed temporarily in the weekend

Stephen Elledge: Protein research has bright future

Application system closed temporarily on Thursday

PTMs in Cell Signaling - Conference Feedback

CBC 6 in pictures

CBC 6 - The conference in letters

Protein conference hits a high note

Four Clinical Research Fellowships awarded

August 2014

The Foundation offers new pre-graduate scholarships

June 2014

Foundation grants inspire delegates at ESOF 2014

Meet the Novo Nordisk Foundation at ESOF

Meetings on how to optimize your application

May 2014

The Stem Cell Niche - Conference feedback

CBC 5 in pictures

The Stem Cell niche from 1-10

The Stem Cell Niche Reloaded

Søren Molin presented with the Novo Nordisk Prize





Young scientists receive royal handshake

April 2014

Professor Søren Molin gave prize lecture

Medical scholars were celebrated

16 researchers receive scholarships

Novo Nordisk Foundation presents two new publications

Talented art researchers were celebrated

Five art research scholarships awarded

March 2014

Prize winner is spearheading the war against bacteria

Novo Nordisk Foundation announces new Board members

Research bridge-builder awarded the 2014 Hagedorn Prize

February 2014

Protein conference open for applications

Three top researchers moving to Copenhagen

January 2014

Novo Nordisk Foundation supports science conference

Top researcher returns to Denmark after 20 years abroad

Marie and August Krogh Prize awarded to diabetes researcher

Eivind Kolding to be the new CEO of Novo A/S

New Chair of the Committee on Nursing Research

December 2013

Professor withdraws from committee

November 2013

Is it rude to finish your plate?

Conference feedback

Ronald M. Evans: Surprise surrounds us

A buzz of genomics

The conference in pictures

The conference in numbers

Renowned researchers gather for prize symposium

American professor awarded the Jacobæus Prize 2013

October 2013

Talented researchers met in Sorø

Novo Nordisk Foundation awards anniversary grants of DKK...

September 2013

PostDocs get advice on effective research communication

Committee chair answered questions on applications

August 2013

Meetings on how to apply for grants from the Novo Nordisk...

Danish professor receives prestigious award

May 2013

Excellent science communication

“It will definitely go on my resume”

Young Chilean aims at raising the bar

Cell Factories & Biosustainability A-Z

In pursuit of a sustainable future

Jay Keasling: Cell factories can change the world

Researchers capture Hillerød

Søren K. Moestrup presented with the Novo Nordisk Prize

Youngster aims to explain the origin of life on Earth


April 2013

Researchers presented with art research scholarships

Professor Lars Køber presented with the Hagedorn Prize

How to strenghten your communication skills

Prize winner gave lecture in Aarhus

Grant recipients celebrated with flowers and diploma

Novo Nordisk Foundation awards 13 scholarships

March 2013

Videos: Laureate Research Grant recipients present their...

Video: Kenn Gerdes, Laureate Research Grant recipient

Video: Stephen M. Cohen, Laureate Research Grant recipient

February 2013

Call for applications for NNF Laureate Research Grants

January 2013

Honorary prize for pioneer of modern diabetes treatment

Novo Nordisk Foundation awards record-sized grants

Too busy networking

“Doing science with me is a full contact sport”

December 2012

Two days of scientific debate in Hellerup

Foundation announces 2012 humanitarian aid

Protein conference on fire

The return of August and Marie Krogh

October 2012

ENG Hagedorn Prisen 2012 går til professor, Henrik Toft Sørensen

Novo Nordisk Foundation increases support for art-related...

September 2012

New diabetes academy hopeful of finding cure

July 2012

The Stem Cell Niche - From A to Z

An evening with the gurus

June 2012

The Stem Cell Rush

The Stem Cell Rush

CBC1: Interview with Professor Elly Tanaka

April 2012

Erik A. Richter receives the Novo Nordisk Prize 2012

Researchers map new knowledge about insulin production

January 2012

NNF Centre research on Nature’s Top Ten List

Novo A/S acquires 25.66% of the shares in Chr. Hansen A/S

Lecture by the 1999 Nobel Laureate Ahmed Zewail

August 2011

Lecture by the 2009 Nobel Laureate Venki Ramakrishnan

June 2011

Professor Dale T. Mortensen gives a lecture

February 2010

The Hagedorn Prize winner 2010

August 2009

Job advertisement - Executive assistant

April 2009

Annual Report 2008/2009

April 2008

Annual Report 2007/2008