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1938 - First donations from Nordisk insulinlaboratorium

Although its Articles of Association do not mention grants, Nordisk Insulinlaboratorium over the years make substantial donations to scientific research and several other fields in addition to the grants awarded by the Nordisk Insulin Foundation. The first donations are given in 1938 and are of a total of DKK 10.000; respectively DKK 6,000 and DKK 4,000 for doctors H. Helweg and M. Schmidt for studies concerning insulin therapy and schizophrenia. Primarily instigated by Hans Christian Hagedorn, a grant-awarding culture emerges at Nordisk Insulinlaboratorium from the late 1930s, mostly based on unsolicited applications. Nordisk Insulinlaboratorium supports the publication of scientific books and journals and the congresses of scientific societies but also donates to humanitarian and social causes. One unusual grant is for acquiring zoologist Axel M. Hemmingsen’s collections of birds, sea animals and insects from China and donating them to the Zoological Museum of the University of Copenhagen. The size of the grants varies from year to year but averages about one quarter of the money transferred to the Nordisk Insulin Foundation.