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1989 - Two new Foundation committees

Following the merger, the grant-awarding functions of the Nordisk Insulin Foundation and the Novo Foundation are initially maintained by converting their former boards into committees. The Board of the Nordisk Insulin Foundation becomes the Nordisk Insulin Foundation’s Committee. In 1993, the Committee changes its name to the Nordic Research Committee, which still exists. The committees support basic and clinical research within endocrinology and experimental physiology in the Nordic countries.

The Board of the Novo Foundation becomes the Committee of the Novo Foundation, but with the creation over the years of various committees responsible for awarding grants in various fields, the Committee has little to do and is abolished after only four years. Instead, the Articles of Association are amended to give the Novo Foundation’s Committee on Medical and Natural Sciences Research the same status as the Nordic Research Committee.

The grant-awarding activities of the Novo Nordisk Foundation are now carried out by the two large committees and the three other committees established over the years by the Novo Foundation: the Committee on Veterinary Research, the Committee on Humanities Research and the Novo Nordisk Prize Committee. The photo shows Chair of the Nordisk Insulin Foundation’s Committee, Niels A.Thorn.