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Committee on International Research Leader Grants

The Committee on International Research Leader Grants implements the Board of the Foundation’s granting decision for awarding the Foundation’s Laureate Research Grants and Young Investigator Awards. These grants are aimed at promising research leaders who wish to establish their research group in Denmark to carry out visionary research within biomedicine or biotechnology. The scientists must be employed outside Denmark at the time of application.

The Board has established an annual grant budget of DKK 200 million, allocated between two Laureate Research Grants of DKK 50 million each, and four Young Investigator Awards of DKK 25 million each. 

The grants are awarded once annually based on applications. See calls for proposals below.

The Committee assesses the applications received and then refers selected applications for international peer review. The Committee then submits its recommendations together with the rationale for awarding the grants to the Board of the Foundation, which is responsible for the grant decision.

The Committee was established in 2012 and has eight members selected by the Board from four NNF committees: the Committee on Clinical and Translational Medicine, the Committee on Endocrinology and Metabolism – Nordic Countries, Committee on Bioscience and Basic Biomedicine, and the Committee on Biotechnology-based Synthesis and Production Research.

The current members of the Committee are listed below.