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An open window to the world

The Board of the Foundation has established a number of committees that implement the grants that the Board has decided to award for the support of research projects, scholarships, research leader programmes, symposia and honorary awards. The committees serve as the Foundation’s window to the research community.

Committee members are internationally recognised experts in their field, often supplemented by experience gained as members of research councils and academic assessment committees. The Foundation’s various committees are therefore highly qualified to assess the quality, originality and feasibility of projects, which ensures that grants are awarded for high-quality research.

Today, the Foundation has two large committees and eleven other committees, comprising a total of approximately 50 members.

Common guidelines

The Foundation has established common guidelines for appointing members for all its committees. The guidelines aim to ensure continuity and a high level of excellence in the committees combined with ongoing renewal.

The committee members are appointed by the Board of the Foundation for a period of up to four years, with the possibility of being re-appointed for an additional period of up to two years. The Board of the Foundation also selects the chair of a committee for a period of up to four years term, with the possibility of being re-appointed for an additional period of up to two years. The total number of years, as member and chair of the same committee, however, cannot exceed ten years. Members must retire by the end of the calendar year in which they become 70 years old. All members receive an honorarium for their work on a committee.

The Foundation has drawn up eligibility rules to ensure the impartiality of committee members and guidelines for assessing grant applications.

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