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Gene environment interactions in mental illnesses

The symposium will be held at the Novo Nordisk Foundation on March 31, 2016.


Gene environment interactions in mental illnesses - integrating the G with the E

An exceptional feature of life science studies in Scandinavia is given in their ability to potentially leverage both national biobanks and (disease) registries.

The purpose of the symposium is to present the current progress in gene-environment interaction studies for mental health phenotypes. We aim at bringing together experts from different specialties (clinicians, epidemiologists, geneticists, biostatisticians and others) to facilitate discussions on how to tackle shortcomings of existing approaches and to gain new insights into the interplay of genes and environment. The symposium will cover aspects of causation and mediation as well as new models for genetic risk prediction and latest developments in epidemiology.

In addition to a group of five international experts in the field, we will have the opportunity for two early career investigators to present their recent findings (selected based on their submitted abstracts).


  • Jaakko Kaprio
  • John Witte
  • Tyler VanderWeele
  • Preben Bo Mortensen
  • Naomi Wray


  • Causation and Mediation
  • Risk Prediction Models
  • New Analytical Approaches
  • Study Designs
  • Evaluation Studies
  • Genome-wide Scans
  • Candidate Studies

Who can attend

The symposium is open to participants of all career levels from student to professor.


Up to 50 participants will be able to bring a poster to be exhibited during the symposium and discussed during a poster session. The selection will be made based on abstracts, submitted in the application.

Apart from the selection of posters, the abstracts will be used to choose two early career investigators to present their recent findings at the symposium.

Apply to participate

Applications must be submitted using the Foundation’s online application system, which can be accessed here.
The application deadline is February 17, 2016 16:00.

If you already have a user for fund or conference application, you can login to the system using this user account.

When completing the application, you must agree to the Foundation’s standards for use of personal information. When clicking yes, you agree that the Novo Nordisk Foundation can store your personal information in the application system.

In order to send in an application, you will be asked to provide the following:

Motivated application
Everyone who applies must provide a short motivated application on why they wish to attend. This should be max 2000 characters

If you wish to bring a poster to the symposium, you must submit an abstract of max 1700 characters as part of the application form.
You will have to choose an abstract topic from a predefined list. If more than one topic applies, please select the most relevant one.

*You will only have to fill out an abstract if you wish to bring a poster.