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Interdisciplinary Synergy Programme 2017

Grant capital
Up to DKK 5 mio. per year for 3 years, for a total budget of up to DKK 15 mio. per grant.

Application form
Will be open for Stage 1 applications from November 27, 2015.

Application deadline
Stage 1: February 8, 2017, 4pm.
Stage 2: August 22, 2017, 4pm.

Decision announcement
Stage 1: April, 2017.
Stage 2: December, 2017.

Earliest start date
January 2, 2018.


Committee on Interdisciplinary Research

Lars Fugger, Anna Christina Krook, Mette M. Rosenkilde, Henrik Callesen, Jan K. Schjørring, Finn Cilius Nielsen , Ole Nørregaard Jensen, Thomas Lars Andresen

Link to committee


With the Interdisciplinary Synergy Programme, the Novo Nordisk Foundation seeks to support research projects across disciplines, organizations and national borders. The research projects must bring researchers from different scientific and/or technical disciplines together. The research projects must aim at interdisciplinary biomedical and biotechnological approaches to resolve challenges in relation to health and disease, or better usage of natural resources.


The goal of the research programme is to:


  • Stimulate an interdisciplinary culture of research that spans across scientific disciplines and techniques.
  • Pursue creative and novel, high-risk/high-gain research ideas.
  • Strengthen and internationalize Danish research.

Research areas

The research project must bring researchers from different disciplines together. Examples of disciplines could be engineering, IT/computer science, medicine, mathematics, anthropology, physics, psychology, biology etc.
A project with co-applicants within the same discipline will generally not be considered interdisciplinary under this programme, and optimally, there should be one applicant/co-applicant from each of the disciplines described in the application.

Eligibility and evaluation

The individual research project must have a main applicant, who is anchored in Denmark, plus 1-3 co-applicants, who each represent different scientific or technical disciplines.
In the evaluation of the applications, the Novo Nordisk Foundation will especially take the following into consideration:


  • The interdisciplinary approach and relevance.
  • Focus on interdisciplinary synergy, and how this will be achieved between the applicants.
  • Idea, creativity and novelty.
  • Scientific quality of the project.
  • Qualifications of the programme leader/main applicant.


Up to DKK 5 mio. per year can be requested for a project running over 3 years, for a total funding of DKK 15 mio. per project.

Application process

The application process will consist of two stages.

  • Stage 1 applications should be short ‘expressions of interest’ that will be evaluated by an independent assessment panel, after which selected projects will be invited to proceed to the next stage.
  • Stage 2, where the applicant will be invited to submit a detailed project description that will undergo external, expert peer review.


Please, read all guidelines carefully before applying.




Jens Peter Holst Lauritsen

Scientific Officer

Tlf.: +45 3527 6648


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