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Novo Nordisk Foundation prizes

The Novo Nordisk Foundation awards prizes to honour and reward individuals for outstanding scientific contributions, teaching or other efforts that support research.


Outstanding scientific contributions

The Novo Nordisk Foundation has a long tradition of awarding scientific prizes and arranging lectures by prize winners. Every year the Foundation awards nine prizes to reward individuals for outstanding scientific contributions, teaching or other efforts that support research. The prizes are not open to application.


The largest prizes are the EASD-Novo Nordisk Foundation Diabetes Prize for Excellence, the Novo Nordisk Prize and the Novozymes Prize. They all comprise a personal award and a grant for research purposes within the Prize recipient’s field of expertise.


Prizes are awarded by specially appointed prize committees.


The Novo Nordisk Prize and the Novozymes Prize are awarded by the Novo Nordisk Prize Committee and the Novozymes Prize Commitee of the Novo Nordisk Foundation. Similarly, the Foundation's Nordic Research Committee determines the winners of the Jacobæus Prize, the Foundation’s oldest prize founded in 1939. The other prizes are awarded in collaboration with scientific bodies in Denmark and internationally, who establish the prize committees.


The total amount the Novo Nordisk Foundation awards annually through prizes is DKK 13.650.000 (€1,798 million).