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The Novo Nordisk Prize

Jørgen Kjems, Professor at Aarhus University, is receiving the 2018 Novo Nordisk Prize for his pioneering interdisciplinary studies of how RNA plays a key role in regulating cells and has enormous future potential in treating disease.


To the benefit of medical science

The Novo Nordisk Prize, which was first conferred in 1963, is awarded to recognize unique medical research or other research contributions that benefit medical science. The Prize is awarded for a predominantly Danish contribution.

The Novo Nordisk Prize Committee awards the Prize based on suggestions from past Prize winners or members of the Prize Committee.

The Prize is awarded annually and is of DKK 3 million – of which DKK 500,000 is a personal award, with the remaining amount as an allowance for research purposes within the Prize recipient’s field of expertise. The Prize may not be awarded to members of the Board of the Novo Nordisk Foundation or members of committees or to members of boards, directors or employees of the Novo Group.

The Prize, originally DKK 50,000, was first awarded on 16 February 1963. Since then, the amount awarded gradually increased until 2015, when it reached its current level.

The Foundation’s collaborating partners and the winner’s guests attend the award ceremony in April/May, where the prize winner introduces his or her research for 15–20 minutes. In addition, in celebration of the award, the winner gives a lecture lasting about 1 hour at his or her workplace. Before the end of the year, the recipient and the Foundation arrange an international symposium within the scientific field of the prize winner.

The Prize was called the Novo Prize from 1963 until 1989, when it was renamed the Novo Nordisk Prize.


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