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Novozymes Prize - nomination

To submit a Prize nomination, please complete the short form found here.


Last day for nominations is June 1, 2018


The call for nominations is only available in English.

Committee on the Novozymes Prize

Jens Nielsen, Bernard Henrissat, Henrik Callesen, Liisa Viikari, Michael Broberg Palmgren, Birgitte Nauntofte

Link to committee

CAll for Nominations - The Novozymes Prize

The Novo Nordisk Foundation is pleased to announce annual call for nominations for The Novozymes Prize. The purpose of the Prize is to raise awareness of basic and applied biotechnology research.

The Novozymes Prize is awarded to recognize outstanding European research or technology contributions that benefit the development of biotechnological science for innovative solutions.

The Novozymes Prize consists of a funding amount for the awardee’s research (DKK 2.5 million) and a personal award (DKK 0.5 million). An additional part of the Prize is an international symposium within the awardee’s field of research.

Awardees must have made an important contribution to European Science.

They must have a current position and an active research program at a public or non-profit research institution in a European country. Awardees can have any nationality.  

The Novozymes Prize will be awarded by a prize committee that will select awardees based on their scientific achievements after a confidential nomination and review process.

With this Call for Nominations, the committee seeks the assistance of the scientific community in identifying the most worthy candidates for the Prize. Please support the further establishment of this new Prize by nominating a scientist who has had a major impact on the development of biotechnology for innovative solutions.

The Novozymes Prize winner will be announced in March, 2019.

Nominations must be submitted electronically at

Deadline is June 1, 2018.






Pernille Julø Risegaard

Executive Assistant

Tlf.: +45 3527 6603