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Open competition grants

Each year the Novo Nordisk Foundation awards grants for research within biomedicine, general practice and family medicine, nursing and art history, biotechnology and early stage innovation. Grants are announced via calls for applications in open competition.


Open competition grants

Open competition grants is one of the two main paths comprising the Novo Nordisk Foundation’s grant-awarding activities. The other path is thematic grants (Research centres and Stand-alone grants).

Calls for grants

The Foundation awards research and innovation grants in open competition. The Board of the Foundation has established a number of committees that implement the grants that the Board has decided to award for the support of research projects, scholarships, research leader programmes, symposia and honorary awards. This process ensures that the grants are given in support of the best projects and to the most qualified applicants within the specific field of research. In the case that the applications are not of a sufficient standard, the grants are not awarded.

The application process is in general based on a fixed annual cycle in which the funding is advertised together with a call for applications before a specified deadline.

The Foundation’s receive over 1,200 applications each year, of which approx. 20% are awarded funding.