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Please be aware, that researchfish® will implement some changes in the user interface on January 6, 2017. If you would like to submit using the present user interface, please remember to submit before January 6, 2017. Read more about the changes.

Researchfish® is an online system, successfully used in the UK by more than 80 funders - such as Medical Research Council and Cancer Research UK - to gather information from researchers about the outcomes of their scientific work. The system enables research funders and research organisations to follow the outcomes and output of their grants, and it allows researchers to register the outputs and outcome of their work. For an overview of researchfish®’s functionality, please visit researchfish®'s website.

This website is meant as a guide for you to use the researchfish® system:

Research – What and Why ? describes the purpose of using the system.

How Impact Assessment ? shows you the framework for impact assessment.

On Help, training and guidance we give useful advice to get started.

The Question Set is an outline of the researchfish® Question Set.

In the High-Level Guidance Text we tell you when and what you should report.

Frequently asked questions might give you the quick answer to your question.

Differences to the previous system gives you a quick run-through the major differences between the previous and new reporting systems

Principles of Use tells you how the Novo Nordisk Foundation will use the data and Orcid and CPR number how we will use and protect personal data.

Compliance and Requirements for funded researchers tells you the conditions and requirements of holding a grant with respect to researchfish® reporting.

Important Documents supplies you with links to central user documents.

If you have issues with the researchfish® system (e.g. logging in or technical issues), please contact If you need further information, please use Contact for information on who to contact.

We greatly appreciate your help to improve the Novo Nordisk Foundation’s support to Danish research.