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Social Science Research Programme

Application round opens:

January 24, 2017


Application deadline:

April 3, 2017 at 4 p.m.


Interview of candidates:

June 7, 2017


Decision announcement:

By end of June 2017


Committee on Social Science Research

Jonathan Grant, Jon Sussex

Link to committee

This call relates to 2017, the call will be revised in March, 2018.


Theme 2017:
Socioeconomic impact of research in health and disease


The aim of the Foundation’s social science research programme focusing on socioeconomic impact of research in health and disease is to contribute towards developing crucial knowledge about the healthcare systems and their priorities. Moreover, the knowledge acquired from this programme will provide essential information on individual and health-related behavior.


The goal of the social science research programme is to strengthen evidence-based knowledge of the socioeconomic impact of research in health and disease at different levels. The impact of research in health and disease at the macro level mainly relates to the effects of the investment in the health sector (research and treatment). The impact of research in health and disease at the micro level (the individual and organizational level) mainly relates to measurement of saving lives and achieving efficient use of resources in the healthcare system. For instance, the research in health and disease can lead to introduction of new screening, prevention and treatment programmes that can save lives and reduce health costs in society. This would contribute positively to the labor force and thereby increase employment in society, tax revenues, economic growth and job creation.


The research project must include a lead applicant and a small group of researchers (about 3 co-researchers), all of which possess outstanding expertise and strive to investigate an important problem within the purpose of the programme. The scientific discipline and the location of the co-researchers are not restricted, except that the host institution of the lead applicant must be located in Denmark.


The co-applicants’ research institutions may be located in Denmark or elsewhere. Funding is essential to ensure optimal interaction and synergy between the research groups.


The lead applicant, who will act as the programme leader, should be employed at least 50% at a university or other non-profit knowledge institution in Denmark. In the exceptional case where the lead applicant is employed less than 50% at an institution in Denmark, this must be clearly explained and addressed in the application.


The programme leader must be a research leader with documented experience in organizing and leading research projects and should be an internationally renowned researcher within the relevant field.


The total grant budget is DKK 30 million. Applicants may apply for up to DKK 10 million over a 4-year project period. The Foundation anticipates funding up to three 4-year projects, each up to DKK 10 million.


Applications must be written in English and submitted through the Foundation’s application system.


The lead applicants will be invited to an interview at the Novo Nordisk Foundation before the international assessment panel decides which research projects will be selected to receive funding. The interview date is June 7, 2017. Replies about acceptance for interview will be sent out Medio May of 2017.


It is important that applicants carefully read the "Information and Guidelines for Applicants", before initiating the application process, as this document contains the complete call as well as detailed instructions for the application process.


Further information regarding the research programme: Impact Assessment Analyst Rikke Nørding Christensen, e-mail, or +45 3527 6623


Questions regarding the application: Administrative Coordinator Christina Maria Hald, e-mail, or +45 3527 6615



Rikke Nørding Christensen

Impact Assessment Analyst

Tlf.: +45 3527 6623