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Stand-alone grants

The stand-alone grants of the Novo Nordisk Foundation support numerous ambitious projects that are important for research. The broad range of fields covers research, educational and communication projects.



The Board of the Foundation continuously gives priority to awarding grants to projects with a specific theme the Foundation considers important. These are called standalone grants.

The topics for the projects are extremely broad, including talent development, rehabilitation of people with cancer and diabetes research. Each project is funded for up to 5 years. These grants are often awarded in collaboration with both private and public partners.


Although most of the grants are allocated directly to research, the Foundation also supports other activities in Denmark that take place earlier in the research chain. In this way, the Foundation helps inspire and enthuse young people and students at primary and lower-secondary schools, upper-secondary schools and at higher education institutions and contributes to promoting interest in the natural sciences and research among the general public.

One Foundation initiative aimed at young people is support for the International Biology Olympiad (IBO2015) in Denmark, at which secondary students from all over the world will be competing to solve both theoretical and practical biology assignments. The aim is to stimulate interest in the natural sciences, inspire the most gifted students and present Denmark as a well-functioning and attractive country for talented young people interested in biology from all over the world.

The Novo Nordisk Foundation has awarded DKK 4 million to cover the costs of holding the Olympiad, for developing and carrying out the experimental assignments in the finals and for the subsequent national knowledge sharing and talent development.

Overall, the distinctive feature of the Foundation’s standalone grants is that they are ambitious and have promising potential. The Foundation awards grants based on the applications received and after peer review of the relevant research activities.