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The Stem Cell Niche 2016

The conference is held May 22-26, 2016 at Favrholm Campus in Hillerød, just north of Copenhagen. The photo is from the Speakers Corner session at the Stem Cell Niche conference 2014.


The Stem Cell Niche – development & disease

The 9th conference in the Copenhagen Bioscience Conferences series is called “The Stem Cell Niche – development & disease”.

The aim of the conference is to provide a niche for presentations of the latest basic research in stem cell and developmental biology and to stimulate exchange of ideas by providing ample time for both formal and informal discussions.

The conference theme is the concept of the “niche”, in the broadest possible sense of the word, encompassing all sources of inputs stem and progenitor cells receive from their environment to expand or differentiate. This topic is both important and timely in light of the need for improved therapies against devastating diseases, such as diabetes, cancer, neurodegenerative and cardiovascular disorders.

Speakers and topics

A string of the world’s top scientists in the field are headlining a programme that includes lectures on “Cancer Stem Cells”, “Stem Cells of Mesodermal Origin”, “Reprogramming and Pluripotency”, “Neural Stem Cells” and much more. Speakers include Allan Spradling, United States, Carla Kim, United States, and Graziella Pellegrini, Italy. To view the full list of speakers visit the conferences website.

The title of the conference is the same as the two previous conferences hosted by the Danish Stem Cell Center (DanStem) and the Foundation, but this conference features different speakers and topics.

For researchers at all levels

The conference, which is open to 180 participants, is being held 22-26 May 2016 at Favrholm, just north of Copenhagen in Denmark. The conference is for researchers at all levels. All attendees (from PhD fellows to senior professors) are expected to present a poster during the conference, with prizes being awarded for the best poster by a postdoctoral fellow and the best poster by a PhD fellow.

The conference’s networking programme includes cultural elements and a dinner in Copenhagen. The conference is open for abstract submission.

All conference expenses covered

The overall goal of the Copenhagen Bioscience Conferences is to promote international awareness about Copenhagen as a beacon of research within biomedicine and biotechnology, and to give participants new inspiration and knowledge they can use to improve their research in the future.

Registration fee, accommodation and local costs for all conference attendees are covered by the Novo Nordisk Foundation.