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Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen

Increasing numbers of people are diagnosed with diabetes, and an innovative diabetes centre is therefore needed that can deliver world-class treatment and where researchers from all over the world can create a first-class research environment.


Sophie Hæstorp Andersen, Chair of the Regional Council of the Capital Region of Denmark.

Improved treatment of people with diabetes

Diabetes is a rapidly growing challenge regionally, nationally and globally. More than 382 million people worldwide have diabetes, including 320,000 in Denmark.

The vision of the establishment of the Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen is to offer world-class treatment to patients. The Center will bring together competencies related to treating people with diabetes, clinical diabetes research and education under the same roof, thereby offering more integrated treatment to each individual.

The specialized centre will have the capacity to treat 11,000–13,000 people annually and will be located in a new building at Herlev Hospital near Copenhagen.

Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen will collaborate with the other hospitals in the Capital Region of Denmark, with the municipalities and with general practitioners to improve the treatment of everyone with diabetes in the region.

Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen will also collaborate with other hospitals, universities and other public and private actors in the rest of Denmark and abroad to create one of the world’s leading environments for treating people with diabetes and for clinical research in Greater Copenhagen.

The new Center will treat people with type 1 diabetes, children and adolescents from all over the Capital Region and everyone with complications of type 2 diabetes from the municipalities near Herlev and Gentofte Hospitals. Construction of the new building housing the Center is expected to be completed in 2020.

A unique opportunity

On 19 May 2016, the Board of Directors of the Novo Nordisk Foundation approved a grant of DKK 2.945 billion (€396 million) to the Capital Region of Denmark after it approved a detailed plan for establishing and operating the Center on 17 May 2016.

The Foundation’s ambition in awarding this grant is to contribute to the establishment of one of the world’s leading environments within clinical diabetes research and education and to offer the best treatment to people with diabetes in Denmark.

Sten Scheibye, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Novo Nordisk Foundation, says: “This represents a unique opportunity to establish a world-class diabetes centre in the Capital Region of Denmark, which is already home to research and treatment environments of high quality. We are pleased to be able to support such an ambitious and innovative initiative, which will be a very important driving force in developing new treatment and prevention methods and education that will benefit everyone with diabetes in Denmark.

The grant from the Foundation begins in 2017 and will last until 2029, with a possible extension thereafter. The Foundation will fund the operating costs of the supplementary treatment of people with diabetes, clinical research, health promotion and education. In addition, the Foundation will also fund the construction and equipping of the new building.

In January 2017, Novo Nordisk A/S will transfer ownership of the existing Steno Diabetes Center in Gentofte to the Capital Region of Denmark. From 2017 to 2020, the vision for the new Center will be gradually developed under the new ownership until the new building for Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen opens and begins operating in late 2020.

About the Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen

The Center will be a specialized clinic focusing on each individual person and on offering coherent treatment and preventive interventions for people with all types of diabetes and complications at the highest international level. The Center will offer: patient education; services from dieticians and physical therapists; physical training; and screening and treatment for complications related to feet, eyes, kidneys, the nervous system, the cardiovascular system and the oral cavity. The Center will collaborate with all other health actors in the Capital Region of Denmark, aiming to benefit everyone in the region, regardless of where they live.

The Center will provide 24-hour coverage throughout the Capital Region of Denmark by working closely with the hospitals with emergency departments. Denmark’s legislation on individual choice of hospital service provider will apply to the Center’s services.

In parallel with establishing Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen, the Novo Nordisk Foundation has begun discussions with Denmark’s other four administrative regions about establishing similar initiatives.


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