COVID-19: Preparedness, Prevention, Response and Recovery

COVID-19: Preparedness, Prevention, Response and Recovery

Social and humanitarian initiatives
Place of research
Up to DKK 20M available for granting
Call opens
2020, 14PM CET
How to apply Apply
Call opens
04 Jun 2020
17 Aug 2020, 14PM CET
How to apply
Up to DKK 20M available for granting
Announcement of results:
September 2020


The COVID-19 pandemic has had unprecedented consequences worldwide and continues to affect people, economies, and healthcare- and education systems globally.

With this open call for applications, the Novo Nordisk Foundation supports initiatives that aim to mitigate the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic in humanitarian and development settings with a focus on people living in poverty, and vulnerable and marginalised populations.


Organisations and institutions with a registration in Denmark, specifically documented with a Danish CVR number, may apply for grants in this open call for applications.

The Novo Nordisk Foundation will only accept applications from internationally recognised and highly transparent organisations and institutions whose annual reports and annual audited financial reports are publicly available.

The Foundation also expects applicant organisations and institutions to have implemented a code of conduct or similar policies by which they are guided and with which they comply in accordance with ethical and humanitarian guidelines and standards, e.g. the Core Humanitarian Standard on Quality and Accountability (CHS).


This open call for applications is thematically unrestricted and can cover interventions in areas such as education, health, livelihoods, protection etc. and applicants are encouraged to submit applications for projects that are within their area of expertise. Geographically, the call is limited to the OECD DAC List of ODA Recipients (2020). For the categories Lower Middle Income Countries and Territories and Upper Middle Income Countries and Territories, the applicant should describe in detail how the action will benefit a particularly vulnerable population e.g. refugees, internally displaced people, marginalised indigenous people or similar.

Applications can cover all areas of humanitarian and development interventions.


Each application can request funding up to DKK 1 million for a project with a maximum duration of 1 year.

The project can be an independent, delimited project or part of a larger project that receives support from other sources.

If the applicant has applied for or been awarded funding from other sources for the project, the applicant must always state this in the budget.


Applications must be submitted in English.


Administrative support can constitute an amount or amounts of up to a total of 5% of the total budget in the application. Administrative support may cover administrative expenses that are directly related to the project in the application, including accounting, controlling, auditing and reporting. The administrative support may not exceed the amount included in the application budget.

The Novo Nordisk Foundation does not support overhead expenses, i.e. expenses that are not directly related to or relevant to the project in the application.


Applications must be submitted using the Novo Nordisk Foundation’s online application system, NORMA. Applications must include a brief summary of the project together with a detailed project description of up to 20,000 characters and a budget for the project.

Please limit the number of appendixes to an absolute minimum.

Applicants are requested to read the application guidelines, ”Information and Guidelines for Applicants”, thoroughly before initiating the application process.

Please note that only organisational applicants are eligible for this call, which is of particular importance when creating a profile in the online application system, NORMA.

If you experience technical issues, please contact the NORMA support team on