Distinguished Innovator Grant

Distinguished Innovator Grant

Innovation and early commercialization
Place of research
Nordic region
Up to DKK 6 million per grant.
Recurring call
August 2022
Call opens
2022, 2PM (CET)
How to apply Apply
Call opens
14 Jan 2022
09 Mar 2022, 2PM (CET)
How to apply
Up to DKK 6 million per grant.
Announcement of results:
June 2022


The purpose of the Distinguished Innovator Grant is to accelerate commercialization of research findings and development of novel technologies.

The Distinguished Innovator Grant is aimed for senior Faculty members or researchers with a proven track record within innovation, i.e., previous experience of academic innovation projects and experience with establishing patents and spinouts from the academia.

Areas of support

The Distinguished Innovator Grant seeks to support research within Life Science, i.e. medtech, industrial biotech, or pharma, and to stimulate the evaluation of ideas that may lead to the development of health technologies, medical treatments, disease prevention, diagnostic methods, and devices and technological platforms benefitting to benefit people and the society.

A particular focus for the Distinguished Innovator Grant is to provide the support needed to succeed with the project maturation, i.e., support from experts within legal counsel, entrepreneurship, and innovation. Furthermore, the grant is focused on the role of the applicant as an ambassador for Innovation within academia.


For the Distinguished Innovator Grant, the Main applicant can be a senior faculty member or senior researcher employed at research institutions or hospitals/clinics in the Nordics (Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland).  Projects from incubator development programs are also eligible, as long as the project used for the application has not resulted in the establishment of a company (given company has not established a CVR/company number).

It is required that the Main applicant has a proven track record within innovation, i.e. previous experience of academic innovation projects and/or experience of establishing spinouts from the academia.


A total of DKK 60 million is available for funding in 2022.

Each grant can be of maximum DKK 6 million for a period of 3 years.

Application process

The application should be completed and submitted using the Foundation’s application system.

It is important to carefully read the “Information and guidelines for applicants”, accessed via ‘How to apply’ above, before initiating the application process, as this document contains the complete call, as well as detailed instructions for the application.