Steno Collaborative Project Grants

Steno Collaborative Project Grants

Biomedicine and health sciences
Clinical Science
Place of research
Up to DKK 10 million per grant
Call opens
2021, 2pm (CEST)
How to apply Apply
Call opens
01 Apr 2021
02 Sep 2021, 2pm (CEST)
How to apply
Up to DKK 10 million per grant
Announcement of results:
December 2021


With this call, the Novo Nordisk Foundation wishes to strengthen the collaboration between the Steno Diabetes Centers and the research environments related to the Centers. The foundation will support research projects with a unifying mission to develop knowledge, to exchange experience across the research institutions and to facilitate synergy between the research environments around the Steno Diabetes Centers.


Steno Collaborative Project Grants aim to:

  • Strengthen clinical, patient-centered research between the Steno Diabetes Centers and the research environments connected to the Centers.
  • Position Denmark at an international level in improving prevention and care for persons with diabetes or at risk of diabetes.


The research project must comprise a PI/main applicant and two to four co-applicants. The PI/main applicant should be anchored at a Steno Diabetes Center or at a Steno Partner institution. Due to the collaborative purpose of the grant, the research project/ application must comprise at least two Steno Diabetes Centers, as a PI and a co-applicant.

For Steno Diabetes Centre Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense, Nordjylland, Steno Partner institutions are defined as hospitals with a cooperation agreement with the local Steno Diabetes Center. In Region Zealand, the PI/main applicant should be from one of the region’s hospitals.

The Main Applicant/Principal Investigator

  • The PI/ main applicant must be anchored at a Steno Diabetes Center or a Steno Partner institution.


  • The research project must comprise two to four co-applicants from a Steno Diabetes Center, Steno Partner institution, university, hospital, municipality or other non-profit research or diabetes care institution in Denmark or abroad.


A total of DKK 25 million, from DKK 100.000 – DKK 10 million each, is available for funding of research projects with a duration of one to five years.


The application process is a one-stage process.

It is important, that the applicant carefully reads the “Information and Guidelines for Applicants – Steno Collaborative Project Grants” before initiating the application process, as this document contains the complete call as well as detailed instructions for the application process.