Novo Nordisk Foundation

Application Guidelines – Unsolicited Applications


Application Guidelines – Unsolicited Applications

Novo Nordisk Foundation receives a great number of inquiries, expressions of interest, and applications outside of open calls. To facilitate transparent and effective assessment, unsolicited inquiries, expressions of interest or applications for the Novo Nordisk Foundation should include the following information:


  • Type of inquiry (general funding question/expression of interest/application):
  • Category (research, education, outreach, innovation, social and humanitarian purposes, other)
  • Applicant name, position and institution
  • Expected grant holder (the grant holder needs to be a University, NGO, or Hospital)
  • Project title

MOTIVATION FOR APPLICATION (if not relevant for your inquiry, put N/A)

  • Short description of the project, including aims, hypotheses, purpose, planned activities, methods and expected results.
  • Project originality, feasibility, and newsworthiness
  • Time frame
  • Estimated budget (including the amount applied for and overall budget)
  • Any other funding received and/or applied for


  • Describe how the expression of interest/application is aligned with the Novo Nordisk Foundation strategy
  • Motivate why your projects falls outside our calls within the subject field offered in open competition


Novo Nordisk Foundation does NOT normally support:

  • Sponsorships for attending and/or facilitating conferences or scientific meetings, except those related to areas specified on the NNF website
  • Cultural events including theater, concerts, art exhibits, movies, music production and/or distribution, or book publishing
  • Salaries, scholarships or other support for personal undergraduate training or travel
  • Maintenance, operation, or administration of institutions, organizations, and institutes
  • Expenses for construction or renovation of buildings, facilities or monuments
  • Running expenses for clubs or associations including sport-, activity-, and youth clubs
  • Personal living expenses including expenses for recreational purposes, non-professional travel courses, seminars, and social purposes
  • Projects linked to commercial interests and activities or sponsorships
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