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Job application
When you apply for a job at the Novo Nordisk Foundation, you must upload your CV, cover letter and relevant educational transcripts into our online recruitment system.

We encourage all qualified applicants to apply regardless of age, gender, religion, country of origin or ethnicity.

We screen and evaluate your CV, cover letter and other documents. Selected candidates are then invited for an initial interview.

The purpose of the initial interview is to get to know each other. We expect to get an understanding of your motivation behind applying for the job and your professional and personal qualifications.

For applicants invited to a second interview, we use various assessment tools to obtain a more detailed understanding of your competencies and thoroughly discuss the fit between the job, you and the Novo Nordisk Foundation. We use a personality assessment profile, a cognitive test and work-related case studies. Afterwards you will receive feedback from a certified Business Partner regarding the results of the personality and the cognitive test. We will give you more information about the process in advance.

We obtain references from your previous employers as the last step in the recruitment process. We will always ask for your permission before contacting your references.