Art research

Art research

The Novo Nordisk Foundation has supported art research for more than 30 years.

We support fields including research on art history, practice-based art and the interdisciplinary crossroads between art and science.

We aim to give the most talented researchers the opportunity to conduct major research projects. This helps them to pursue a research career within this field and to contribute significantly to art and art history research in Denmark.

One motive for supporting this grant area is that art helps to challenge existing dogmas and to create new ideas. By supporting research projects within, for example, the health sciences, we aim to contribute to improving the lives of people, which requires research of the highest calibre. Achieving such advances and breakthroughs also requires that we challenge existing dogmas and classical thinking. Art, including the visual arts, can challenge our perception of reality and get us to question established attitudes and seek new answers – and can thereby contribute to creating an innovation culture.

The Foundation has significantly increased its grants for art several times in recent years. The initiatives have included establishing an investigator grant in art history research and a guest professorship in art and art history. We have also expanded the number of PhD scholarships and postdoctoral fellowships we award based on applications submitted in open competition.

Grants within reserach in art and art history

Read about the 2019 Mads Øvlisen scholarships & fellowships and the Investigator Grants here.

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Investigator Grants in Art History Research

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