Conferences, symposia and workshops

Conferences, symposia and workshops

Sharing and debating knowledge and ideas is essential for making progress and finding new solutions.

The Novo Nordisk Foundation therefore supports the holding of scientific conferences, symposia and workshops with the purpose of promoting knowledge-sharing and networking activities within research and innovation.

We award grants for events lasting 1–3 days within the scientific fields the Foundation supports.

Our grants aim to provide opportunities for leading and younger researchers, innovation intermediaries and students to meet and present new results and methods within their research fields and innovation environments. This enables participants to build and expand a professional network, exchange information and ideas and establish new collaborations to strengthen their future research and innovation activities.

Our grants for conferences, symposia and workshops are mainly awarded based on applications submitted to the Foundation in open competition. In 2018, we boosted our support to this grant area by establishing a new programme to support events lasting 2–3 days.

Since 2012, the Foundation has also co-organized the Copenhagen Bioscience Conferences, an international conference series within the health sciences and biotechnology attended by leading and young talented researchers from all over the world.