Postdoc fellowship for research abroad – Bioscience and Basic Biomedicine

Postdoc fellowship for research abroad – Bioscience and Basic Biomedicine

Biomedicine and health sciences
Place of research
Abroad (anchored in Denmark)
Up to DKK 4 mio. per grant
Recurring call
Expected November 2022
Call opens
2022, 2pm (CET)
How to apply Apply
Call opens
27 Oct 2021
11 Jan 2022, 2pm (CET)
How to apply
Up to DKK 4 mio. per grant
Announcement of results:
March 2022


The Novo Nordisk Foundation invites young, ambitious researchers in Denmark to apply for a post-doctoral fellowship to conduct research outside of Denmark, with the purpose of:

  • obtaining knowledge, training, and research experience in an international research environment
  • associating the fellow to a Danish research institution throughout the fellowship, and thereby facilitating the return to, and integration in, the Danish academic research environment


A research institution in Denmark must employ the applicant for the entire fellowship period and this institution must administrate the fellowship grant.

The successful candidate:

  • will carry out research at least 3 years abroad, followed by up to 1 year in Denmark
  • has obtained a PhD degree within 5 years of the fellowship start date
  • can apply as a PhD-student if the supervisor signs a declaration stating that the applicant is expected to graduate before the start date of the fellowship
  • can apply if he/she has already started a postdoctoral stay abroad. However, the time spent as postdoc abroad must not exceed 1 year at the time of application
  • has established contact with the laboratory abroad and has support from the principal investigator/lab head at the foreign research institution
  • has considerable prior association to the Danish education or research community.


The total duration of the fellowship is 4 years. The Novo Nordisk Foundation awards up to DKK 1 million per year, for a total of up to DKK 4 million/fellowship.

Application process

Submit your application via the foundation’s application system (the green ‘Apply’ button at the top of the screen) from the indicated ‘Application opens’ date.

It is important to carefully read the “Information and guidelines for applicants”before initiating the application process, as these guidelines contains the complete call text as well as instructions regarding the completion of the application.