Societal Responses to and Preparedness for Emerging Viral Infections – 2020

Societal Responses to and Preparedness for Emerging Viral Infections – 2020

Biomedicine and health sciences
Place of research
Denmark (international collaboration allowed)
Up to DKK 10 million per grant
Call opens
2020, 2pm CEST
How to apply Apply
Call opens
11 Mar 2020
04 Jun 2020, 2pm CEST
How to apply
Up to DKK 10 million per grant
Announcement of results:
September 2020


The current epidemic spread of a new corona virus (2019-nCoV) highlights the threat to the world of new infectious diseases. The current epidemic is not an isolated event. During the last decades, we have seen several incidences of the spread of new, deadly viruses, e.g. SARS, MERS and Ebola.  These events are worsened by lack of communication both within and between countries, insufficient national preparedness, lack of efficient treatments and vaccines, monodisciplinary approaches, urbanization, and the high global mobility of humans. Due to the rapid spread of new viruses across the world, it is of vital importance that all countries are prepared for a possible occurrence of infections by a new virus. This require a well-coordinated national response by the health authorities.

The purpose of this thematic call is to give excellent researchers the possibility, in a collaborative effort, to perform in-depth research addressing the interdisciplinary theme “Societal Responses to and Preparedness for Emerging Viral Infections”, including:

  • Surveillance and early detection of disease. Rapid diagnostics of novel viruses. New technologies to prevent or combat epidemic viral infections.
  • Infectious epidemiology, including methods for epidemic modelling, to predict and understand spread of disease. IT based methods for early detection of epidemics.
  • National preparedness to deal with emerging viral infections, including drafting of policies in advance, procedures for rapid testing and approval of new treatments, technologies, and vaccines.

The proposed research must be in-depth, but the subject can be cross-disciplinary, and should not be considered limited to any particular research methodology or discipline.


The programme supports excellent scientists from 1-3 research groups, in addition to the main applicant. It is expected that the main applicant and the co-applicants are employed at a research institution. It is encouraged that industry, and National or International Health Agencies and Organizations are included as collaborators. Based on a common mission and vision, the project must explore an important question or challenge within the interdisciplinary theme “Societal Responses to and Preparedness for Emerging Viral Infections”.

The scientific disciplines and locations of the research groups are not restricted, except that the main applicant and host institution must be anchored in Denmark. The host institution could be any Danish public research institution.


A total of up to DKK 30 million* is available for up to 3 grants of up to DKK 10 million for projects lasting for up to 3 years.

Please read the Information and Guidelines for Applicants carefully before initiating the application process. Additional and essential information is found in these guidelines.

*Please note that the total budget for the call has been increased since the announcement of the call.