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Big Bang Conference Inspires Science Teachers

A Big Bang conference gives teachers specific inspiration that they can take home, here on teaching about organs. Photo: ©Astra Foto: Thomas Evaldsen

The Novo Nordisk Foundation has awarded DKK 3 million for Big Bang conferences in 2018–2020. Every year, the conferences bring together science teachers in professional collegiality and gives them inspiration that they can take home to benefit their teaching.

Talented and committed teachers are the single most important factor in getting children and young people to take an interest in nature and natural science subjects.

The Foundation has therefore awarded a grant of DKK 3 million to the annual Big Bang conference organized by Astra’s Center for Learning, Nature, Technology and Health in collaboration with other actors from the natural sciences. The grant is for DKK 1 million annually over 3 years.

Teachers from primary and lower-secondary schools, upper secondary schools and higher education institutions will meet and attend 100 workshops and lectures on subjects including the didactics of science, exhibitions of teaching material and dialogue in professional and social collegiality. In 2017, 1250 participants attended. The next conference will take place in Odense, Denmark on 5–6 April 2018.

Mikkel Bohm, Director, Astra, says, “Teachers are the single most important factor in motivating children and young people to take an interest in science. We can make 3D printers and smart boards until we are red in the face, but these are of little use without the presence of talented teachers. They are the most important and we should take good care of science teachers and pamper them scientifically. We do this at a Big Bang conference.”

In organizing the conferences, Astra wants to reinforce the retention and development of very good science teams at primary and lower-secondary schools and upper-secondary schools in Denmark. Very good teams can strengthen teaching and inspire young people to choose a science-based education.

The Foundation support the Big Bang conferences because their purpose aligns with the Foundation’s goal of advancing the natural sciences in Denmark.

Dagnia Looms, Head of Strategic Awards, Novo Nordisk Foundation says, “In awarding a grant to the Big Bang Conference, the Foundation wants to contribute to teachers being inspired by the latest knowledge and research and to provide them the opportunity to network across all levels of the education system to benefit science teaching in Denmark.”

Read about the Big Bang conference here (in Danish)


Mikkel Bohm, Director, Astra, +45 2022 4633, [email protected]

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