Art Hub Copenhagen

Art Hub Copenhagen

International meeting ground for artists

Art Hub Copenhagen is an international meeting ground for professional artists. It provides a stimulating and facilitating environment where they can test and develop various aspects of their artistic practices.

In its present form, Art Hub Copenhagen serves as a meeting ground within the three focus areas, artistic production and development, research and presentation. Within the three focus areas Art Hub Copenhagen aims to provide access to extended production facilities in Denmark as well as abroad, assist with career and talent development, and create connections and exchanges between artists and the world of scientific research.

In 2018, the Novo Nordisk Foundation awarded DKK 2 million for the development and implementation of Art Hub Copenhagen’s Center for Art and Research. Here artists can explore themes such as the challenges and opportunities brought by new technologies and new science. Moreover, Center for Art and Research is in 2020 working on “Life with Water”, a long-term research project dedicated to debating, imagining and initiating new ways of thinking about water in a forum for Danish and international artists and scientists.

Art Hub Copenhagen’s activities include a range of formats, from workshops, talks and seminars to exchanges and artist-in-residence programmes. Some of the activities are hosted by collaboration partners around the world, and others take place in Copenhagen’s Meatpacking District (Kødbyen), where Art Hub Copenhagen has been based since January 2019.

Collaboration forms an essential part of Art Hub Copenhagen’s work and vision, and collaborative programmes are continuously being developed in dialogue with other institutions and professional environments.

Art Hub Copenhagen was established as an association in 2018, in response to various surveys of the working conditions and artistic visions of artists, as documented in a 2017 report issued by the Bikuben Foundation entitled ”Kunstens Rammer”. With support from the Bikuben, Novo Nordisk and Nordea Foundations and the City of Copenhagen, among others, the plan is to implement and develop Art Hub Copenhagen as an entirely new type of cultural institution.