Conference on Health Innovation

Conference on Health Innovation

Developing the Healthcare Sector

New technology can help to improve the quality and effectiveness within the healthcare sector. Examples of this could be new types of telemedicine in which people are monitored and receive treatment in their own homes; innovative use of robots to mix drugs or transport blood tests; or a smart DNA chip for rapid diagnosis.

The Novo Nordisk Foundation has awarded a grant of DKK 150,000 for a conference on 16 November 2017 jointly hosted by three key actors: Copenhagen Healthtech Cluster, Copenhagen Center for Health Technology and Copenhagen Health Innovation. The conference aims to promote collaboration on developing and commercializing new health technology solutions.

“The conference will convene researchers, business executives and health professionals. Here they can discuss the best way to collaborate on developing new healthcare solutions based on specific needs and new technological and digital opportunities that will benefit citizens, companies and the economy,” says Anette Birck, Director, Copenhagen Health Innovation.

Among other topics, the conference will initiate debate about the competencies required within the future healthcare sector and how health data can be used in developing new solutions. The technological megatrends will be examined, and the people behind 40 health innovations will present their projects.