LIFE is a new learning laboratory that is being developed. LIFE is a department of the Novo Nordisk Foundation and is expected at some point to be established as an independent not-for-profit foundation. In addition, the plan is to establish a not-for-profit foundation with commercial interests to construct and run the LIFE Center on a greenfield site in Lyngby.

The vision for LIFE is to create a world-class learning laboratory that brings together actors in education and contributes decisively to enhancing scientific learning and education in Danish society.

The mission of LIFE is to increase the knowledge about and fascination with the importance and application of science among children and adolescents. In collaboration with actors in the education sector, LIFE will specifically contribute to:

  • improving the standard of general scientific learning and education for children, adolescents and the general population in Denmark;
  • increasing the interest and motivation of children and adolescents to focus intensely on science and its applications; and
  • strengthening the recruiting base and substantially increasing the number of people applying for scientific educational programmes in upper-secondary schools and in universities.

Read more about LIFE here.

Additional information
Tuborg Havnevej 15
DK-2900 Hellerup
Tel +45 3527 6600

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