Metropolitan Honors College

Novo Nordisk Foundation Awards a Grant for Developing Talented Science Teachers

The Novo Nordisk Foundation has awarded Metropolitan University College in Copenhagen DKK 1 million for a pilot project to develop a talent programme for students studying to be science teachers called the Metropolitan Honours College.

One aim of the 1-year pilot project is to examine and determine the demand for and interest in establishing a talent programme among teachers, students and schools. The study will also produce a plan for designing the programme, which will be a supplementary programme to the existing teacher education programme that includes students earning ECTS credits.

Stefan Hermann, Vice-Chancellor of Metropolitan University College, says: “I am very proud to receive this funding. The grant from the Novo Nordisk Foundation is a first step in bringing the efforts to develop talent within the science aspect of teacher education to a higher level. The grant will enable us to investigate the opportunities for developing the Metropolitan Honours College, which will support talented, motivated and ambitious students in becoming outstanding science teachers.”

In awarding the grant, the Foundation wants to contribute to creating a world-class education system and, through the teachers, to stimulate the creativity, inspiration and knowledge of children and adolescents within science and technology. The Foundation also seeks to contribute to creating new knowledge on talent development in Denmark and internationally.

About Metropolitan University College

Metropolitan University College (Metropol) is one of seven university colleges in Denmark. It has about 10,000 students, of which 1200 are studying to be teachers in primary and lower-secondary schools. Metropol has 16 undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing education modules within education, teaching, health, management and administration.

The Novo Nordisk Foundation has awarded Metropolitan University College in Copenhagen DKK 1 million.
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Additional information

Maj Leth-Espensen,
Project Officer: Outreach & Education,
Novo Nordisk Foundation,

Application Info
The Novo Nordisk Foundation decides whether to award stand-alone grants based on the applications received.

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