Nobel Laureate Lectures

Nobel Laureate Lectures

Lectures at the highest level

The Novo Nordisk Foundation funds two annual Nobel Laureate Lectures hosted by the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters. The Academy invites Nobel Laureates to hold a celebratory lecture on their research and give an account of their path to and their life after winning the Nobel Prize. The main aim of the Lectures, which are open to the public, is to increase interest in the natural sciences, especially among young researchers and students. The Nobel Laureate Lectures are widely advertised in the mass media in Denmark, and the events conclude with a reception. The Foundation launched the initiative in 2011, and each Lecture has space for about 400 attendees. Although attending the lectures is free of charge, attendees must register in advance with the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters via its website.

Dale T. Mortensen, professor and 2010 Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences, gave the first Lecture on “Markets with Search Friction and the Great Recession” in June 2011 in the Chr. Hansen Auditorium at Kommunehospitalet in Copenhagen. Denmark’s DR2 television channel subsequently broadcast the Lecture in a programme called “Danskernes Akademi”.

The Novo Nordisk Foundation provides DKK 500.000 annually for the Nobel Laureate Lectures. The grant is used to cover the costs of inviting the speaker, the reception and the venue.