Exhibition and research project

PULSE aims to promote a healthier and more active lifestyle for families with children. The project targets families with children 6–12 years old and comprises both an exhibition project and a research project.

The exhibition project will develop an innovative health-oriented exhibition at Experimentarium in Copenhagen. The exhibition will provide visitors with a positive, fun and memorable experience of health issues and physical activity, thereby promoting subsequent dialogue about family health and stimulating increased physical activity. This will maintain and extend the exhibition experience to include the world outside the science centre.

Numerous local activities will be arranged that will integrate the exhibition theme of healthy and active lifestyles into people’s daily lives. These activities will take place in homes and in community environments and will be developed in close collaboration with families, researchers in health promotion and experts in the interactive dissemination of science. Families will therefore both help to develop the exhibition concept (by providing input on what they would like to experience) and subsequently contribute to discovering which experiences at the exhibition they can maintain and continue, thereby encouraging children to live healthily and engage in more physical activity. This might include play- or game-based technologies. The aim is to identify the activities that engage families. This development work and collaboration is part of the project’s research field, which generally aims to develop a role model for interactive, health-promoting activities.

The Novo Nordisk Foundation is supporting the PULSE project by awarding a grant of DKK 33 million over 5 years. The Experimentarium manages the project in collaboration with the Steno Health Promotion Center as its main partner. The exhibition opened in 2015.

Furthermore, the Novo Nordisk Foundation has supported the establishment of the new Experimentarium with a grant of DKK 11.5 million.

Photo at the top of the page: Experimentarium, Jesper Rais.