Research Fellowships on Talent and Transition

New Knowledge on Talent Development and Transition

How can universities support and develop talent in Denmark? And how do students experience the transition from studying to their first job?

These are two of the main questions being posed in two research projects supported by the Novo Nordisk Foundation in the form of two research fellowships.

Postdoctoral fellow Bjørn Friis Johannsen of the Department of Science Education of the University of Copenhagen is receiving one of the fellowships for a 30-month research project on producing and creating talent in mass university science education.

Based on the teaching of mathematics, physics, geography and biology at the University of Copenhagen, Bjørn Friis Johannsen’s project aims to shed light on what defines talent in relation to mass science education at universities. The increasing numbers of students accepted at Denmark’s universities during recent decades has resulted in diversity of historic proportions. The project will contribute to creating new knowledge on how educational programmes in the natural sciences can support and develop the talents found among the students.

The Foundation has awarded the other fellowship to Assistant Professor Henriette Tolstrup Holmegaard, who also works at the Department of Science Education of the University of Copenhagen, for a 42-month research project on the theme: “From student to employee – a research project about university students’ employability and transition into their first job”.

Based on the four biology-oriented MSc degree programmes at universities in Denmark, Henriette Tolstrup Holmegaards’s project aims to shed light on the transition from studying to employment. Although the topic of how prepared students are for employment is often debated, national research in this field is limited. The project will contribute to creating new knowledge on how students transition into the job market, including the barriers and challenges that students encounter during the transition.

Henriette Tolstrup Holmegaard will be teaching while carrying out the research.

Each fellowship is DKK 1.5 million.

In 2013–2014, the Novo Nordisk Foundation awarded DKK 3 million for two fellowships on talent and transition.
Read more (in Danish) about the projects of Bjørn Friis Johannsen and Henriette Tolstrup Holmegaard here.
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