The Healthy Weight Alliance

The Healthy Weight Alliance

Preventing obesity and creating good habits for achieving healthy weight among children and young people is a goal of complex nature. It is therefore necessary to create projects and knowledge sharing across sectors, as well as to involve different actors and make use of their different competencies. Obesity cannot be reduced to simply being a question of calorie intake and physical activity, since it is strongly influenced by other factors such as social inequality, well-being, sleep, screen time, eating and drinking habits, movement, physical environment and how our society is organized. 

Therefore, as part of our social strategy, the Novo Nordisk Foundation has prioritized allocating resources to the establishment of the Healthy Weight Alliance. The alliance seeks to mobilize partners with different types of expertise, who together can create consensus and form a common agenda on how to best prevent obesity among children and young people in Denmark. 

By bringing together actors such as researchers, research institutions, social, voluntary and health organizations, authorities, educational institutions and representatives from the food industry, the alliance can help create a stronger interaction between the social sector and the health sector, and hereby promote a further and wider reach in the fight against obesity. 

It is the aspiration that, in the coming years, the alliance will bring together people with knowledge, commitment and drive in the field who can contribute with new solutions and collaborations across sectors and institutional frameworks. All with the purpose of preventing obesity and promoting well-being and social equality among children and young people in Denmark.