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BIOPRO World Talent Campus

The collaborations and shared experiences of the BIOPRO World Talent Campus will help build a global network between students, universities and companies that can further enhance Zealand’s position as a hotspot within biotech manufacturing. Jesper Bryde-Jacobsen, Managing Director - BioPro

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4.39 000 000
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John Wittschieben, Scientific Officer, Novo Nordisk Foundation,

Next Generation of Research Leaders

The BIOPRO World Talent Campus is a one week course within biotechnology manufacturing at PhD level. The courses are conducted through the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), in collaboration with the University of Copenhagen and the technology-based companies involved in the BIOPRO research initiative. The courses contain both classroom instruction and practical workshops involving the industrial partners. Participants receive ECTS credits following successful completion of the course.

Graduate-level students at universities from around the world leading within bioproduction research and technology can apply to be one of the 20 participants accepted to each course.

In addition to having a high-level scientific content, the aim of the World Talent Campus is to give students an increased understanding of Danish universities and the biotechnological production occurring in Denmark. The World Talent Campus also promotes international networks.

The grant from the Novo Nordisk Foundation supports the operating costs of the World Talent Campuses for five years. One course will be conducted each year. The first course was held in October 2013.

The BIOPRO World Talent Campus is also supported by the BIOPRO initiative, a research collaboration involving the Technical University of Denmark, the University of Copenhagen and four industrial partners with the purpose of conducting applied research to improve biotechnology-based production.