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Tektanken (formerly known as is a nationwide network including companies and lower- and upper-secondary schools. Here students are working with original space technology developed by the Danish Aerospace Company in Odense, Denmark. Photo: ©House of Natural Sciences

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DKK 2.5 million
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Senior Project Manager, Education and Outreach, Novo Nordisk Foundation

Strengthening Collaboration Between Schools and Companies

Tektanken (formerly known as is a nationwide network including companies and lower- and upper-secondary schools that was created to stimulate the understanding of and interest in the natural sciences and technology among young people.

In Tektanken, 80 small and large companies collaborate with schools to provide students practical insight into and knowledge of job opportunities within the natural and technical sciences. The collaboration helps young people to make a motivated choice of educational programme. The House of Natural Sciences runs Tektanken.

“More lower- and upper-secondary schools need to expand their collaboration with the society around them and teaching should become more application-oriented. Since companies increasingly require qualified workers within the natural and technological sciences, there is currently a rapidly growing demand for initiatives and solutions that can strengthen the link between education and business,” says Nanne Seidelin, Director of the House of Natural Sciences.

The Novo Nordisk Foundation awarded in 2017 a 1-year grant of DKK 2.5 million to the House of Natural Sciences for scaling up and developing Tektanken so that more lower- and upper-secondary schools, municipalities and companies can get involved and benefit from the network.

Dagnia Looms, Head of Strategic Awards, Novo Nordisk Foundation, says: “In awarding the grant, the Foundation wants to contribute to strengthening and developing Tektanken and thereby make the teaching in Denmark’s lower- and upper-secondary schools even more application-oriented. Through this, the Foundation hopes to increase the interest in and knowledge of the natural sciences and technology among young people and to inspire them to choose an educational programme within these fields in the long term.”