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The Green Backbone – teaching schoolchildren about sustainability

The green think tank CONCITO’s climate embassy and the Haver til Maver (farm to table) association are collaborating on the ambitious national programme, The Green Backbone.

Project data

Grant amount
DKK 19 million

The Green Backbone aims to provide students with a green curriculum that promotes the sustainable agenda, presents it to the children and supports the teaching of STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).

The Green Backbone brings together and expands the best practical activities within the themes of nature, food, health, climate, and energy and resources, creating specific courses for schoolchildren at all grades. The locally-provided practical activities are offered by naturskoler (nature activity centres), organizations, companies, museums, and others.

The courses teach children how biology, chemistry, geography, physics, and mathematics are connected with the world outside the classroom and the importance of skills in the natural sciences in transitioning our society in a more sustainable direction.

The teaching is fun, involves all the senses and enables children to cultivate, experience, calculate and be creative.

The Green Backbone, which runs from 2019 to 2024, is an initiative that involves collaborating with 15 municipalities and relevant actors in green teaching on selecting, compiling, and disseminating the best practical activities in a naturally green teaching supplement to the STEM subjects.


Photographer: Kasper Leegaard