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The support of the Foundation to humanitarian crises

As part of the Novo Nordisk Foundation's humanitarian strategy, the foundation supports the world's most vulnerable people in humanitarian crises on a global scale.

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DKK 40 million


Anders BagerProject 

As part of its humanitarian strategy, the Novo Nordisk Foundation supports the world’s most vulnerable people in humanitarian crises all over the world, through open calls. Over the years, it has awarded funding to projects for refugees and internally displaced in Syria, natural disasters in several African countries, refugees from Myanmar in Bangladesh and emergency support following the explosion in Lebanon in August 2020. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has far-reaching consequences and continues to affect people, economies and health and education systems worldwide. Therefore, the Novo Nordisk Foundation has, in an open call and as part of its acute grants, provided support to several international initiatives aimed at mitigating the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic among people living in poverty and other vulnerable and marginalized populations. In total, support was distributed to 15 projects in Uganda, Sudan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Colombia and Myanmar, among other places. 

Several of the grants have been awarded to projects that focus on helping women who are particularly vulnerable during the pandemic, both at home and in health systems. The projects aim to address the increase in violence against women, to provide trained health professionals to secure births and to prevent covid-19 among pregnant women. Furthermore, support has been granted to projects with a focus on infection prevention in the form of e.g. hygiene measures, as well as to projects that have an overall focus on strengthening health sectors and education. 

With the acute grants, the Novo Nordisk Foundation takes international responsibility and contributes to strengthening the countries’ preparedness while helping vulnerable groups through the crisis. 

The Novo Nordisk Foundation grants DKK 40 million to acute humanitarian crises around the world every year.