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Young Scientists

The competition seeks to stimulate interest in the natural sciences among children and adolescents in Denmark.

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DKK 39 million
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The Young Scientists competition seeks to stimulate and increase the interest in the natural sciences, technology, and innovation among children and adolescents in Denmark and is Denmark’s largest natural science talent competition in primary and secondary schools.

Students compete on inventiveness and good ideas. Young people may enter with an individual or a group project.

The competition is open to all children of school age: from 6 to 19 years. Young Scientists is divided into two categories. In the Young Scientist Junior and Young Scientist Senior categories, the students have the opportunity to compete with projects from their science education classes. A Jury of Young Scientists selects the best entries and invites the entrants to one of the regional semifinals and then the finals at which the students compete for prizes and travel scholarships to participate in many international competitions.

The competition was held for the first time in 1989 as a continuation of the Philips European Competition and the Physicist’s Needle competition. Since its inception, the Young Scientists competition has been held under different auspices. It was held for the first time under its current name in 1996 and is now administered by Nationalt Center for Undervisning i Teknik, Natur og Sundhed.

The Novo Nordisk Foundation has granted a total of DKK 39 million to Young Scientists over 14 years. Most recently the Foundation granted DKK 3 million annually to the competition for the years 2021-2025. Many other foundations, companies and ministries in Denmark also contribute.


Photo: Sanne Vils Axelsen