Patient-centred and research based care

Patient-centred and research based care

Through a research-based approach, the Foundation will help make Denmark a global leader in delivering the best patient-centred care within diabetes. As a first priority, the Foundation will advance all aspects of diabetes care in Denmark across a patient’s lifetime through the Steno Diabetes Centers public–private partnership model.

The Foundation’s activities will focus on:

  • Establishing and expanding Steno Diabetes Centers to all regions of Denmark and the
    North Atlantic
  • Delivering patient-centred and research-based care and outcomes for all people with
    diabetes in Denmark
  • Realizing synergistic benefits across the Steno Diabetes Centers network, the Copenhagen
    Bioscience Cluster, Steno Collaborative Grants and other relevant initiatives
  • Training programmes and methods related to patient-centred and research-based care
  • Related priorities:
    – Prevention of type 2 diabetes
    – Prevention and treatment of diabetes comorbidities
    – Research on and care for hospitalized diabetes patients
    – Research on other endocrine disorders (osteoporosis, thyroid and pituitary disorders)


Focus areas and long-term goals