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Research Infrastructure – Large equipment and facilities

Call opens
27 October 2022
Call closes
18 January 2023 2:00pm (CET)
Announcement of results
September 2023
Recurring calls
Fall 2023
Application guidelines


With the Research Infrastructure Programme, the Novo Nordisk Foundation wishes to strengthen the Danish research environment by supporting the establishment and maintenance of open infrastructures needed to achieve excellence in research and innovation.

The goal of the research programme is to:

  • Ensure that researchers have access to state-of-the-art research facilities.
  • Ensure that potential users have access to qualified technical assistance.
  • Ensure that the research infrastructure is continuously developed and maintained.
  • Boost other research environments, local, national, or international.

About the grant


Up to DKK 25 million per grant



Career stage

Research Leaders (Established/Prof.), Research Leaders (junior/non-tenured), Research Leaders (Mid-career/Associate Prof.)


For grant inquiries
Kirsten Klüver
Senior Grant Lead
+45 3527 6674 [email protected]
Kamilla Nørregaard
Senior Scientific Manager, PhD
+45 4172 7946 [email protected]

Areas of support

The infrastructure applied for should enable research and development within the Foundation’s strategic focus on biomedicine and health sciences, sustainability and biotechnology, and natural and technical sciences.

Specific overarching research fields can be:

  • Biomedicine
  • Clinical and translational medicine
  • Industrial and environmental biotechnology
  • Plant science, agriculture and food biotechnology
  • Natural sciences with potential applications in health or sustainability
  • Technical sciences with potential applications in health or sustainability
  • Computational science, including data science, with potential applications in health or sustainability


The applicant must be employed at a university or other not-for-profit research institution in Denmark. The applicant must document expertise at the highest level within the relevant research field.

The research infrastructure must be anchored at a Danish research institution with expertise within the relevant field. The facility or equipment must be made available to the general scientific environment, incl. users from other institutions, SME’s and incubators.

Besides the applicant, there must be a group of 3-5 core collaborators associated with Danish research environments, committed to be core users of the equipment or facility.


Each grant can be of DKK 5-25 million, for a period of up to five years. The total grant capital in 2023 is DKK 130 million.

Application process

The application must be completed and submitted using the foundation’s application system NORMA that can be accessed via the link “Apply now”.

Please read Information and Guidelines for Applicants  carefully before initiating the application process. Additional essential information on the call and application process is found in these guidelines.

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Managing a grant

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