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Committee on Novo Nordisk Foundation Challenge Programme 2023 – Future Agri-Food Systems

The Committee implements the Board of the Foundation’s decision to award the Foundation’s Challenge Programme grants that supports research within annually decided research themes. In 2023 the theme within Life Science Research Promoting Sustainability is: Future Agri-Food Systems

The Board has established a grant budget of DKK 360 million for the entire Challenge Programme in 2023, for large programme grants, each of DKK 30-60 million.

The Board selects the committee members among international experts in the fields of the annual research theme in accordance with the general rules covering the Foundation’s committees.

The current members of the Committee are listed below.

Elke Arendt


Professor, University College Cork

Charles Godfray


Professor, University of Oxford

Kaiyu Guan


Associate Professor, University of Illinois

Rebecca J. Nelson


Professor, Cornell University

Kaisa Poutanen


Research Professor Emerita, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

Brajesh Singh


Professor, Western Sydney University

Johan Six


Professor, ETH Zurich

Hermann Lotze-Campen


Professor, Potsdam Institute of Climate Impact Research