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Diversity Policy for Novo Nordisk Foundation

Our belief

The Novo Nordisk Foundation believes that diversity and inclusion is key to achieving our vision to improve the lives of people and sustainability in society. Having varied perspectives and tapping into a broad talent base helps generate better ideas to solve the complex problems of a changing and increasingly diverse world. Diversity is closely linked to the core values of the Novo Nordisk Foundation. It is our overall aim to create and sustain an environment that actively embraces diversity and inclusion.

Our diversity objective

Our objective is to work proactively for diversity and inclusion in our grant-awarding activities. Therefore, the Novo Nordisk Foundation aims to:

  • Ensure continued diversity in the Board of Directors, leadership, and teams in the Novo Nordisk Foundation
  • Achieve a target of at least 40% of the underrepresented gender across our Board of Directors, our Executive Management and at our senior management level[1] by the end of 2027
  • Secure fair and equal treatment and opportunities in all our activities
  • Actively promote and emphasize diversity, openness, and transparence
  • Set the highest standards for equality and set new standards where necessary through our interactions with our stakeholders

[1] Senior Vice Presidents and Directors referring directly to the Executive Management

Our diversity scope

This policy applies to all employees at the Novo Nordisk Foundation as well as our evaluation panels and committees. We will contribute to a development that ensures more diversity and inclusion in research, education, innovation and in society in general. The role of this policy is to describe the foundation’s focus and efforts within this area, while it is not intended to replace the policies on diversity of any of our stakeholders.

Our diversity principles

The Novo Nordisk Foundation will follow international best practice and procedures, and in some cases take a lead in this work. The guiding principles are as shown in the box below.

Principle 1. Broaden the access to global talent: We will actively work to encourage a diverse base of talent to pursue careers within research, education and innovation as well as within our commercial activities.

Principle 2. Secure diversity of thinking: Boards, scientific expert committees, advisory bodies and the employees of the Novo Nordisk Foundation should have targets and action plans for diversity.

Principle 3. Ensure fair processes: Irrespective of gender, nationality, cultural background, religion, age, sexual orientation etc., all applicants, employees and grant holders must always be treated and evaluated on a fair and equal basis in all processes.

Principle 4. Promote an inclusive culture: We will formulate specific expectations not only to ourselves but also to all key stakeholders, including research institutions, to explain how they and their organization promote diversity and inclusion. The individual applicant will not need to explain this in the application process.