Whistleblower policy and scheme

The Novo Nordisk Foundation and Novo Holdings A/S has implemented a whistleblower policy and scheme that enable people to anonymously inform the Foundation about possible breaches of the Foundation’s Code of Conduct. The Foundation may impose sanctions for breaches, including a reprimand or a demand that a grant be repaid.

The purpose of the whistleblower policy and scheme is to promote transparency and increase accountability for the behaviour of the Foundation and its collaborators.

The Foundation has entered into an agreement with a law firm to manage the concerns reported under the whistleblower policy and scheme. The nature of the internal process then initiated depends on the nature of the concerns reported.

See the Foundation’s and Novo Holdings whistleblower policy and scheme using the url below.

For security reasons and to insure anonymity, please type in the web-adresse shown in the picture below in a new tap/window and gain access to the platform.