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Reporting Scams

Avoiding and reporting scams related to the Novo Nordisk Foundation

The Foundation is aware of various scams via email, phone, text, and social media that use the Novo Nordisk Foundation name and likeness. These scams may include logos, languages, pictures, information, and links from our official website.
In addition to those focused on financial fraud, these scams also include false invitation letters to support visa applications.
If you have questions about the legitimacy of any type of communication claiming to be from Novo Nordisk Foundation, do not hesitate to email us at [email protected].

Please be aware that the Novo Nordisk Foundation does not:

  • solicit donations or request funds from the public
  • offer investment opportunities
  • require grant recipients to pay administrative or processing fees
  • host internet lotteries or prize draws
  • collect fees to apply for a job at the Foundation

If you receive a message from the Novo Nordisk Foundation that you feel is untrustworthy, do not click on any links, send money, or provide any personal or financial information.
You may wish to report such scams to relevant local authorities, such as via Denmark’s Cyberhotline or the US’