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Life science

A Danish world-class life science ecosystem will enable us to better manage future challenges


We need strong basic research to respond quickly to unforeseen crises

Major breakthroughs often happen where they are least expected. Supporting curiosity-driven research is therefore important. Basic research is also required for tackling epidemics and climate change.


Harvesting innovative ideas from research and promoting collaboration across research fields have huge potential

We must improve how we collaborate across scientific silos and translate scientific ideas into new technologies and products to benefit health and the climate.


We want to contribute to children and young people getting inspired by and improving their skills in science

We need a knowledge-based society and a skilled workforce with strong competencies in the natural sciences to solve societal challenges and build a healthy and sustainable future.

A robust life science ecosystem is needed to create new solutions. The life science ecosystem comprises a strong scientific community in medicine, bioscience and the natural and technical sciences – supported by a world-class education and innovation system.”
Lene Oddershede
Professor, Senior Vice President, Natural & Technical Sciences

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The Novo Nordisk Foundation awards grants based on applications in open competition and supports a large number of different areas within health, sustainability and life science.

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