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We want to promote knowledge and solutions that support the green transition in society


Farming methods strain the Earth’s ecosystems

We must become better at understanding the interaction between agriculture and nature so that we can optimise the use of agricultural land while protecting biodiversity.


The world is heading towards a global temperature rise of 2.7°C

The quantity of greenhouse gases in the Earth’s atmosphere must be greatly reduced to curb global warming.


We need novel and better foods to feed a growing world population

In 2050, we will need to produce 60% more food than we do today. Feeding the global population requires changing our food production and our diets.

We need to change our approach to agriculture and how we produce food to accommodate a growing world population and safeguard the health of our planet – and we are in a hurry. Fortunately, biology provides many solutions to the challenges we face.”
Claus Felby
Professor, Senior Vice President, Biotech

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The Novo Nordisk Foundation awards grants based on applications in open competition and supports a large number of different areas within health, sustainability and life science.

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