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We contribute to improving the prevention and treatment of diseases that threaten global health


The prevalence of cardiometabolic diseases has increased by more than 26% in the past 10 years

Today, more than 500 million people live with genetic and lifestyle-related cardiometabolic diseases such as diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease.


People do not have equal opportunities for a healthy life and treatment

Rising inequity in health is not just a problem for individuals but is also a great burden for families and society.


Infectious diseases cause millions of deaths every year and the risk of future pandemics is high

We urgently need to find global solutions for current and future infectious disease threats, as well as the growing problem of antimicrobial resistance.

We wish to help people live healthier lives. That’s why we support research that increases our knowledge about human health and disease, as this provides the basis for solving some of the major challenges we are facing and can help us improve healthcare.”
Martin Ridderstråle
Chief Medical Officer, Senior Vice President, Medical Science

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The Novo Nordisk Foundation awards grants based on applications in open competition and supports a large number of different areas within health, sustainability and life science.

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